Dutch Oven Contest at Camporee

The camporee Dutch oven competition is open to both Scouts and Scouters. Cook your best/favorite dish and share a small amount with the judges. 

Dishes should be submitted to the judge's station with a copy of the entry form emailed receipt under the dish (face down), so the judges do not know who cooked the dish.

Each entry to be judged must be delivered, by the cook or cooks, to the judging area in the Dutch oven in which it was cooked, with the lid on the Dutch oven. Stay in the area while your entry is being judged. As soon as your entry has been judged, you may take your entry back to your campsite to share with your unit.


  • All cooking for the contest must be done during camporee; no precooked entries.
  • All cooking must be done in Dutch ovens.
  • Cooking teams should have 2-4 members.
  • Adult teams may take guidance from up to two youth.
  • Youth teams must be all youth and must have an adult safety observer, but the Scouts should do the work.
  • Team members should be willing to share cooking techniques and tips.

Dutch Oven Scoring

A panel of at least three judges will grade each entry based on:

  • Overall appeal (originality, creative ingredients, good recipe, good sportsmanship)
  • Appearance and Presentation (visual appeal, pleasing aroma, appropriate garnish)
  • Execution of recipe (cooked just right, correct temperature, color, volume, too moist or too dry)
  • Taste (good flavor combination; appropriate seasoning: spices and herbs balanced for best flavor; texture is tender, moist, or crunchy as appropriate)
  • Bonus (bonus points may be awarded at each judge’s discretion for something they consider to be extra special 

Entry Form